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I have a new habit to treat my stress even though it's only for a moment but can make me relax afterward. I found old school games that I used to often play on the PC at my mother's house. It's a kind of recall memories, right? My mother loves playing these games so much that when she saw that I wasn't using a PC, she immediately grabbed it to play Mahjong Solitaire. My mom said playing mahjong solitaire made her feel relaxed.

Yess, the old school game that I like is mahjong solitaire. Does anyone have the same thing as me, their favorite game? I guess if I'm in the same age group, I'll definitely like it, hihihi.

So, I played mahjong soitaire on which is a game provider site and it's free. This is what I like the most, it's free! Hahaha. In fact, I can play this game offline later, aka no need to use the internet network. Can you save quota?

I really love playing mahjong solitaire not only because I have memories with my mom but actually playing mahjong solitaire on Plays. people make me relax.

Why can playing mahjong solitaire make me relax and free from stress for a while? because the games are simple, there's no competition (well, you're just competing with yourself) and it makes you happy when you can finish all the mahjong. Even though it doesn't work, it doesn't make you feel bad and even want to try again.

Sometimes after finishing one round, it's enough for me to relax. After that I went back to doing my work and in my spare time I played mahjong solitaire again. Sometimes on a cellphone, sometimes on a laptop.

Oh yeah, I told you earlier that I can play mahjong solitaire on can it be offline, right? so, instead of playing by installing the software, but by clicking the link at the bottom of the game box. On that link there is a link where I can play mahjong solitaire offline, just click on it and I can play on my cellphone and even play mahjong solitaire when far from WIFI coverage.

For me playing games in the midst of the routine of taking care of all the household necessities, and working online is a must. I can't go a day without playing a game, even if it's only for an hour or two. My husband and I are the same. On the sidelines of completing work, will take time, items to open online games. And this activity is also passed down to children. Our two children also love to play games on their mobile phones.

Here they are games that available on Plays.

Playing Games For Adults And Kids

Educational Games For Kids

Because they often see their mother and father playing games, our two children also always ask to play them. At first I was reluctant to give it, but after knowing that there were many educational games that could teach them a lesson, we gave it to them. By staying under our supervision of course.

games for free

Old Games

In the past, games on mobile phones were still very limited. In fact, I still remember very well, when I first had a cellphone, there were only three types of games available, namely Bantumi, I really like playing this game, because it is similar to the game my friends and I played when we were little. At that time we called him, Dakon. A game that uses soil that is perforated with dozens of pebbles of the same size, and there must be a partner when playing it.

Next is Sudoku, I am very annoyed with this one game. Because I don't know how to play it. lol.

The next game is, Bounce. But I also rarely play this one game. It's nothing, I just don't like it.

Lastly, Space Impact and Snake. Well, these two toys were my most favorite games at that time. Almost every idle I play one of the two. If Space Impact is bored, it will switch to Snake, and vice versa.

Satisfied with old games on mobile phones, so when I was able to buy my own laptop in 2007, I also found a new game that came with the laptop.

Among them:

Solitaire - I used to always play this one game. a very interesting card game in its old days.

Zuma Deluxe - this one was also my favorite at the time. The game is easy and fun.

Playing Games With Family

As soon as I opened the site I was confused which one to play first, hahaha. But when I saw mahjong solitaire, I didn't hesitate, I started playing right away. After feeling more relaxed, I tried other games and it turns out that there are also many games for my adorable children, hehe and they can have fun while learning. Study? ah just crazy, playing games while studying? Yes! really, scramble games, arrange words, letters, recognize sounds and much more. is a game provider site for more than 1,000 games that can be accessed via a browser. was created based on the thoughts of the two founders (which I guess are husband and wife) where during this pandemic there must be a lot of people stuck at home, bored and stressed. comes with a noble goal, namely how to make people happy even though they are in a lockdown period. It's cool, the vision and mission is simple.

What I caught from's About us, this site is a kind of non-profit project that was created to make everyone feel fun, not stressed during the pandemic. Games that can be accessed are free and do not need any upgrades. Especially after flash games disappeared from this world, thought there should be something to replace the presence of flash games, which fans, including me, will surely miss.

Flash games, I remember that I used to play flash games a lot because it didn't take up a lot of PC memory, the games were easy and really fun. Same thing if I play Mahjong Solitaire on

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