Solitaire Games To Get Rid Of The Routine

playing solitaire games

Daily routine as a part time text worker. Also as a content creator for clients. Often makes the brain tired and can make the mood less good. Often, when I'm tired like this, I decide to use my spare time to read or watch.

But, lately, I needed something different. Something that might help sharpen my focus as well as take a break. And something I got from a friend's recommendation to play games.

In fact, playing this game is not just an insignificant hobby. Playing games according to a study has many benefits for mental health.

So when playing games both online and offline, the parasympathetic nervous system in the body will work to reduce pressure which can often cause stress. So playing games is considered an effective way to deal with mild stress.

Luckily, the video game site provides a collection of the best solitaire games you can play anytime. Both online and offline.

Kinds of Solitaire Games You Can Play

  • Klondike – also known as classic solitaire or simply solitaire
  • Freecell – game has 4 free cells where to temporarily store cards
  • Spider – a game where players make a royal flush on the tableau to remove cards from the playing field. play 1, 2 or 4 suits
  • Pyramid – the number of pairs of cards is 13, with kings worth 13
  • Tripeaks – three overlapping pyramids in which one can remove the card above or below the top card in the waste pile
  • Golf – 35 cards in 7 columns in tableau with 17 cards in the stock pile.

Solitaire Games That Can Accompany A Break From Routine


Also known as classic solitaire, Klondike Solitaire is a playing card game that you can play alone.

The first time I tried it, I thought it was a normal card game. But my guess is wrong. This game is so challenging and successful in making me curious.

Although played alone, this game is very disciplined in counting time. The faster the game is completed, the better the score will be. It's different if you take part in a match, then the winner is determined from who is the fastest.


Another free Solitaire game I've tried is Freecell. The best rummy game that can be an alternative when you're bored or in a bad mood.

This game has 4 foundations on the right and 4 free cells on the left. Where in each card movement will get a value of 1 point.

Interestingly, for beginners who are playing for the first time, they will get 500 points as a provision to clean the table. In addition, if you don't agree or want to change the agreement in the middle of the game, then simply press the "new deal" button and continue playing with fun 👌.


Spider is a royal flush playing card game with 3 tiered game levels ranging from easy, medium to hard.

How to play is also quite easy. Spider Solitaire will automatically show the deal after counting the pairs of cards. After that, 5 cards will be dealt from the pile. 4 cards are placed in a column with the top card in the open position.

playing cards online

Oh yes. Since solitaire games can be played offline and online for free, there will be 10 columns in the table with the following details:

  • 54 cards dealt
  • 50 cards occupy the spare slot
  • 4 columns with 6 cards each
  • 6 columns with 5 cards each


Another best solitaire game to try when you are late and need to clear your head is Pyramid Solitaire Online.

As the title implies, the cards will be arranged in the shape of a pyramid. Starting from the top of the pyramid which contains 1 card, then the next row contains 2 cards, and so on until the last row contains 7 playing cards.

Well, how to play is very easy. Aside from being an entertainment medium, playing the best rummy games on can also sharpen your brain, you know.

Later, the pyramid will contain 28 cards that have been neatly arranged. Then, the other 24 cards will be on the bench or if you play 41, as "drink" hehe

Because this game aims to remove all cards from the pyramid, the player must issue cards in pairs of 13.

For example, cards with numbers 10 and 3. Or cards with numbers 8 and 5.


Still in the shape of a pyramid but separated into 3 parts, Tripeaks Solitaire is much easier than Pyramid.

When the cards have been dealt, one card will be exposed from the pile. Then I just have to choose one card bigger or lower in order. And so on until all the cards in the pyramid are exposed.

Very easy, right?

Because solitaire games can be played offline and online for free, the number of scores offered varies. Starting from 100 points if you manage to remove a card from the 4th row. 150 points for the third row, 250 points for clearing the second row and 500 points for clearing the top row of the pyramid

tripeaks games


The game consists of 35 cards in 7 column tables with 17 stockpile cards neatly wrapped before being opened from the pile.

Players will choose cards in order, either lower or higher. Anyway, according to the order in playing card games in general, guys.

Each card that is arranged in order will go into the trash. To determine the order of the cards, you can look at the top card that is open in the pile.

And for your information. Golf Solitaire will give you a choice when it comes to starting the game. You can choose easy or hard. For me, I just tried the easy level because it's for warming up

So don't be afraid to lose, okay? Just play as much as you want until the mind relaxes and the mood can return to a stable condition

Besides that, you can try other exciting games by opening the page.

One thing to keep in mind that playing games is not always bad. As long as it is not excessive and can choose the right type of game and can minimize fatigue from work activities.

For that, if you want to find a game that is free, fast, simple and can sharpen your brain as well as be fun, immediately visit the website and choose your favorite type of game.

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