Book Review : Control Freakz by Michael Evans

Book Review : Control Freakz by Michael Evans

Control Freakz

[] It seems that the story's theme about a leader or president who has an addiction to control everyone in his country to obbey everything that he said, have been increased since the last time I have read Brave New World by Audolus Huxley. Might be it is the sign that readers will have a lot of choices to enjoy the story with the same theme. Indeed, the uniqueness is the important things for each stories.

Besides the unique story line, I always looking forward to read a book which has a good writing style. This is the second important thing, which means authors have to learn a lot to provide not only the great story but good plot and writing style that would makes readers could not put the book down before its finish. I rarely read a book from debut author that has good writing style. Though this book has very fast pace plot line.

I have to die with my life still fractured. I have to die still missing the glue to bring my life back together. I have to die, letting my brain forever rot in the galoons of pain, depression, and anger that have suppurated inside of me over the years. ~ Pg 211

Taking place in United States when President Ash leading everyone to consume the blue pills everyday without any reason. He wants all of the people in United States obbeyed his order without no offense nor asked for the reason. The main character in this story is Natalie, a girl who always curious about the existence of her father. She never know where is her father, why is he gone forever with no trace? Natalie always trying to figure it out, though she still remember that after her father was gone, she faced the hardest day of her life.

She always had a nightmare, screaming out loud with no reason and only that blue pills that helps her to keep her calm. Her mother always check her whether her daughter take that pills or not. As she said, the blue pills is for Nat's own good. This book started off a bit slow, though I don't mind because I was enjoyed the story line. Then, when I reached about two hundreds pages, it was move faster. The tense of their escape plan was really thrilling.

For Natalie, besides the blue pills which helps her a lot, Natalie has the closest friend, his name is Hunter. Everytime she meet Hunter, her day always feel brighter than before. Yes, it might be love or anything. One day, Hunter asked Nat to go to his friend's house, his name is Ethan, he told her that his friend have got something in internet which filled with an information about her father. Nat feels extreamly enthusiastic and followed Hunter to his friend's house.

But, after they were collected the information, the government were after them. They have to run away from their house without any preparation. Nat herself as well, could not tell her mom that she have to go. In the middle of their escape mission, they have been met with other resident. Both of strangers were looking for the savest place for the rest colony.

The don't want to kill us; they want us to surrender. They want to take us to one of the Government Cleansing Facilities, and torture us for the rest of our lives. ~ Pg 141

Government keep bombing each Camp where the three of them spent more time to take a rest. There were a lot of accident and a lot of people have been died because of the government's attacked. Especially because Ethan has got the most important news for them. That the rebellion were initiated by an ex-wife of President Ash. So, here is the question that left in my mind when I reached a hundred and sixty five pages, "Why would she divorce President Ash? Why would she want to lose that?".

The story getting interesting because Evans packed the mystery in each part that would make you left a lot of questions. What is the reason Nat's father were leave his family, what has happened to Hunter's mom and why people have to consume the blue pills everyday. Every parts of the story has a mystery to be solved. That is why readers would find out the answer in each parts randomly.

I have got this book in ebook format in exchange for an honest review. I kept reading this book until the end. Control Freakz is interesting dystopian novel. Once I read the excerpt which Evans includes in his email, I was curious about the whole story and about Protocol 00. If you were contacted by him to read his novel and write the review, you must be very lucky :).

Book's Information

Title : Control Freakz
Author : Michael Evans
Page : 280 
Published October 3rd 2017
Version : Ebook
Language : English
Publisher : Palmetto Publishing Group
ISBN : 9781641110334
Rating : 3/5

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