The Night Spinner (Dream Snatcher Trilogy #3)

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If you love to read an adventure stories, like Bartimaeus Trilogy and Harry Potter, you might like the Trilogy of The Dream Snatcher as well. This is a story about gipsy people who still believe in Old Magic. And a girl, her name is Molly.

The great adventure has been written into these Trilogy of Dream Snatcher. For me, the writing style is good and there were numerous fast-moving scene that would make your heart jumping from one surprising event to another. Using third point of view that would make us like following the journey at the same time.

Book Detail

Author : Abi Elphinstone
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books (2017)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1471146053
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After finding the second amulet, there were a lot of things happened that night. First, she finds the second amulet and release her mother’s soul. Second, she could defeat the two of shadowmask’s witch doctor and broke the Soul Splitter. And three, Alfie disappeared along with Soul Splitter’s that has been broken by himself.

The fact that Alfie’s tears were created by Shadowmask to make Soul Splitter. That’s why, Alfie’s body could not seen by ordinary people. Only those who love him could see him and know that he is real. More than just real, said Willow - the ghost from Otherworld.

After Alfie has gone, Moll could not wait to find the next amulet, means the last amulet. Then, find a way to make Alfie’s body comes back and be a real human with real body. So, when that night all the eldest of gipsy were gathered around the fire. Moll could not let herself to take a rest and eavesdropping the conversation.

Moll seems impatient with the Eldest’s talks, while they decided to wait what they should do. And wait for the sign from Oracle Bone or Cinderella Bulls. But, as long as the conversation goes nowhere for Moll, she showed herself to the meeting. And pushed them to make a decision soon. Before the Shadowmask’s curse break the Underworld. It would be too late to take action.

So, Oaks then have a word for Moll to leave soon as the sun rises in the morning. Along with her Sid and Domino, the son of Oaks. In the second book, Oaks was injured while gone into the Shadowmask’s trap. The wound seems fade away after Willow helps him. But, he still could not help Moll to find the third amulet. It would slow them down and then he decided to ask his son, as the next leader of Gipsy, to protect Moll and Sid on their journey.

This time, they don’t have to ride a horse. Because, they have to take a train to go to the North. A place that far far away from home and sounds like the scariest places that they ever heard. Moll, Sid and Domino jumped on the moving train because they could not ride the train as normal passengers. Except Gryff and Hermit will be scolded on the train and they will stop their journey.

Glendrummie was a place before they go to North that they have to visit. After heard someone said that there were goosebumps that happened there where Grown men reduced to wrecks, children with haunted eyes. It makes them come to get to know what happened in that place. Especially, when Cinderella Bulls told her that she will meet a stranger here before going to North.

At first journey on the first book, Moll and her friends also Oak, got some help from Oracle Bone, Cinderella Bull’s curse and help from other witch doctor while searching for the first amulet. The second journey, they just have a help from a weak talisman from Cinderella Bull, Scarp’s silent, gifts from Willow and of course from Oracle Bone.

But, the last journey that they have taken is has a limit. The Oracle Bone could not work properly as it should be. Because of the curse of Shadowmasks begin too strong. And Cinderella Bull could not do the same, only the sign from fire spirits that make them go on.

When Molls and her friends arrived at Glendrummie. Something really strange had happened in the village. Most of the villagers stayed at home. They looked like their souls were faded. 

Then another strange things happened, the big storm hits them and made them could not do anything. Molls realized that the storm was attacked her and came from ShadowMasks's curse. 

The journey gets more difficult for Molls and her friends. Anything that seems unbelievable has happened. The pain for Molls grew big and she was not sure about anything. 

Even though there were a few things that happened in this story that I could not accept. Because, for me the exchange wasn't necessary. But, I know sometimes life is full of unbearable things. 

Good job, Abi. This book is interesting. 

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