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Book Review : The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

I don't know how it feels when you're going to Porm Night with your boyfriend but before both of you enter the building where the event is held, he ended your relatiohsip. Meanwhile, in that day you already promise to your best friends to introduce him in order to let them know that he is not a fictitious boyfriend like their thought before. Especially for Jules, one of her best friend who always think that her boyfriend are not real and she's created some bullshit story. When you were in that situation, you must have thinking harder than usually to find out the way out.

Book Identity

Title : The Fill-in Boyfriend || Author : Kasie West || Length : 352 pages || Format : Ebook Scribd || Language : English || Released : 5 May 2015 || Published by HarperTeen || ISBN : 9780062336385

A Popular Girl
Her name is Gia, I mean the lead character here, she is the President Council at her High School. She is very popular amongst other students, might be because she is so pretty, clever…

Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Love & Gelato has been translated into Indonesian and published by Penerbit Noura. However, what I read was the english version. After took more time to choose whether I want to read this book or hold it on until maybe next year. Then, I decided to read it.
First page seems running smoothly, I enjoyed while reading this. Maybe this is the feeling when you're fell in love at the first time. At first, when this book come up and hyped for not very so long but enough for me to be curious woman. I think that the title engaged me with strange way. What is the connection between Love and Gelato? Ah, I think it might filled with ordinary story that would bore me to hell. But, it surprised me. I liked Love and Gelato because of its simplicity and beauty also heartbreaking love story. This book is not only fill with such a teenage love story. But, looking for identity with a guidance from the mother's private journal. What is it ins…

Book Review Still Water by Viveva Sten

Book Review Still Water by Viveca Sten

Thomas Andreasson is a good cop, he is looking forward to go to Haro for vacation. But, the policeman in Nacka intense to ask him to do investigation. They had been found a body in Sandhamn. And after he could not avoid the offers, Thomas went to Sandhamn, a small place that surround by water.

Krister Berggren had been reported as missing person. Thomas trying to figure out whether or not that body was Krister. He ask a help from Nacka to find the identity of Krister and check out is there anything else that could confirm the body is Krister.

Thomas visit Krister's flat and find nothing. No suicide letter. So, he thinks that Krister died because of suicide. But, the existance of the rope that makes him curious. Krister not suicide, but there's no suicide letter. So, he is trying to contact Krister's cousin, her name is Kicki.

The fact is, Kicki and Krister had an arguments each other a couple days ago after his mom died. So, Kicki st…

Book Review : Days of the Dead by Kersten Hamilton

Book Details

Title : Days of the Dead
Author : Kersten Hamilton
Version : Ebook
Pages : 256 pages
Read on : Kindle
Published August 7th 2018 by Sky Pony Press
ISBN13 : 9781510728585
Edition Language : English

Days of the Dead - Have you seen Disney Movie entitle Coco? If you have watched the movie, you would noticed the certain ceremony that held during Halloween. When family's souls come home and gathering with all lively family. But, only one thing that Coco really want to know, the reason why his father's photograph never exist in the altar.

Okay, let's continue to the story in Days of the Dead. Glorieta trying to find a reason why Diosonita would not accept her Mama's body to buried in holy ground. Instead of holy ground, her Mama had been cremated. And that is really break her heart. So, she is crying on Diosonita's lap but when she is trying to asking to her, Diosonita tell her, "You will not speak of Magdalena, not ever again. Not to me."

Day by day had bee…

Kemarau karya A.A. Navis Sebuah Sindiran Tentang Beragama

Usai menutup halaman terakhir dari buku elektronik yang berjudul Kemarau di aplikasi Gramedia Digital. Saya tiada hentinya berdecak kagum dengan kepiawaian A. A. Navis dalam merangkai kata dengan bentuk yang sederhana namun tetap memikat. Tampaknya, kesederhanaan itu masih memiliki daya tarik meski banyak yang mengatakan kekompleks-an sebuah karya dapat menjadikannya menjadi lebih dari sekadar berbobot. Tapi, saya urungkan pula niat untuk mengatakan bahwa sederhana akan selalu berakhir ringan tanpa bobot.

Navis menulis kisah ini pada tahun 1957. Dengan latar cerita sebuah bangsa yang baru saja mendeklarasikan kemerdekaannya usai diduduki Belanda dan Jepang. Unsur cerita dalam buku ini pun masih kerap menyeret Kerja Rodi dan bagaimana para lelaki di masa tersebut, banyak melarikan diri agar menghindar dari kerja Rodi. Banyak pula yang melarikan diri ke desa-desa demi menyebunyikan wajah akibat kalah dalam berperang. Namun, ada pula yang mengasingkan diri ke sebuah desa demi memperbaik…