Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Love and Gelato

Love & Gelato has been translated into Indonesian and published by Penerbit Noura. However, what I read was the english version. After took more time to choose whether I want to read this book or hold it on until maybe next year. Then, I decided to read it.

First page seems running smoothly, I enjoyed while reading this. Maybe this is the feeling when you're fell in love at the first time. At first, when this book come up and hyped for not very so long but enough for me to be curious woman. I think that the title engaged me with strange way. What is the connection between Love and Gelato? Ah, I think it might filled with ordinary story that would bore me to hell.
But, it surprised me. I liked Love and Gelato because of its simplicity and beauty also heartbreaking love story. This book is not only fill with such a teenage love story. But, looking for identity with a guidance from the mother's private journal. What is it inside the private journal?

Book Identity

Title : Love & Gelato || Author : Jenna Evans Welch || 389 pages || Published May 3rd 2016 || Published by Simon Pulse || Format : Ebook || Language : English || ISBN : 9781481432542


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ~ pg. 274


What would you do when you know that your mom is dying?

Me? I might crying all day long and being confuse of what to do next time. But, for Carolina who have not know who's her father yet, it might be tough moment. Especially when she looks her Mom desperately and heard her talking about Howard, what's good and unique of him. From what Lina knows, Howard is an angel for her Mom. But, who's Howard, why her Mom talks a lot about him? Lina still don't have any idea about it. So, when the first time she heard from her Mom that Howard is her father, it makes her confuse and what is the next surprising thing is she needs to live with Howard.

Her Mom and also her grand mother told her that Howard is her father and she needs to live with him. After finished her rest school, she went to Italy for summer vacation. She still decides to live with her best friend. Actually, she already lives there for couple months after her Mom died. They help her to thoroughly the hardest part of her life. That day after Lina's Mom died, she feels don't want to do anything, feels like her world have already ended that day. She just could not pretend that she's okay. And let her best friend's family help her to get up and went outside.

That's the hardest moment for Lina. And then, the story goes on when she arrived at Italy.

Finding the Identity of Her Real Father

I often reading a story about children who don't know about their mom, dad or both. Then, someday, they are trying to find out who is their parents and looking for their information by themselves. All of the effort's purpose to find out their real identity from their real parents identity who are responsible wholly for the existence of them. Absolutely, that is another variables from the process of looking for identity.

There are more factors that influence some teens when looking for their real identity. Knowing the purpose of their life, their position in social life is the important thing that will help them to figure out who really they are in this world.

In Love & Gelato story, from the footsteps of her mother in her private journal. Carolina who gets some helps from Ren, trying to looking for information about who is Mr. X. Inside the journal, Mr. X has special position in heart of Lina's mother. But, why she has to looking for the truth about who's Mr. X if her mother already told her that Howard is her father?

The story is getting interesting more and more. And I even barely put it down before its finished.

Sometimes Falling For Someone Needs More Effort

When the first time Ren ask Lina to join the party with his friends that had been curioused about who is she. Lina is meeting a girl who actually Ren's girlfriend. However, Lina also meet a boy who is handsome and looks like a Model. But, in the end, Lina is falling for Ren. Because he always be there for her, helps her a lot especially when Lina trying to find more information about anything that is written on her Mom's journal.

Here, in this moment of the story, my heart is broken. Not because of the relationship between Lina and Ren, no, both are happily ever after. But, I'd rather choose happy ending with different situation that leads them to find another path of their life. Standing for their love in the same position just like they are used to.

However, the teenage love story is still interesting, although I have my own perspective for the story. Yet, the story is still beautiful, the plot and characters development are great. And I like the writing style as well.

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