Book Review Still Water by Viveva Sten

Book Review Still Water by Viveca Sten

Book review

Thomas Andreasson is a good cop, he is looking forward to go to Haro for vacation. But, the policeman in Nacka intense to ask him to do investigation. They had been found a body in Sandhamn. And after he could not avoid the offers, Thomas went to Sandhamn, a small place that surround by water.

Krister Berggren had been reported as missing person. Thomas trying to figure out whether or not that body was Krister. He ask a help from Nacka to find the identity of Krister and check out is there anything else that could confirm the body is Krister.

Thomas visit Krister's flat and find nothing. No suicide letter. So, he thinks that Krister died because of suicide. But, the existance of the rope that makes him curious. Krister not suicide, but there's no suicide letter. So, he is trying to contact Krister's cousin, her name is Kicki.

The fact is, Kicki and Krister had an arguments each other a couple days ago after his mom died. So, Kicki still haven't know yet about Krister's lattest condition. When Thomas called her and leave a message, it makes her affraid that something would happens to Krister. Right now, Krister is the only relatives that she had.

Is she the murder? I don't think so, because Kicki also died. Whose the murder? Is it because of the island? Or is there something else that lies behind the mysterious island?

I have got this ebook from Amazon Crossing. And read it on Kindle.

This was the very first time for me reading Swedish author's book. I love the chance that Amazon Crossing gave to me. Actually, the tense and the mystery that packed here in this book is great.

But, the plot feels flat for me. The character as well don't have good development. While reading this, I found that it's hardly to hook into the story. And I got bored easily even though I already tried so hard to finished this ebook. It took me more time to finished it. And I feel so sorry that I could not enjoy reading it so far.

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