Book Review : Days of the Dead by Kersten Hamilton

Book Details 

Title : Days of the Dead
Author : Kersten Hamilton
Version : Ebook
Pages : 256 pages
Read on : Kindle
Published August 7th 2018 by Sky Pony Press
ISBN13 : 9781510728585
Edition Language : English

Days of the Dead - Have you seen Disney Movie entitle Coco? If you have watched the movie, you would noticed the certain ceremony that held during Halloween. When family's souls come home and gathering with all lively family. But, only one thing that Coco really want to know, the reason why his father's photograph never exist in the altar.

Okay, let's continue to the story in Days of the Dead. Glorieta trying to find a reason why Diosonita would not accept her Mama's body to buried in holy ground. Instead of holy ground, her Mama had been cremated. And that is really break her heart. So, she is crying on Diosonita's lap but when she is trying to asking to her, Diosonita tell her, "You will not speak of Magdalena, not ever again. Not to me."

Day by day had been passed. Glorieta still don't know why her Papa could not ask Diosonita to buried her Mama in La Patrona. And after her Mama died, her Papa is marrying Alice. The kind-heart woman who already have a daughter as well, so both Glorieta and Lilith, sleeping in the same room. Lili has brother, his name is Angus. Glorieta's life never be the same again after living with Alice.

One day, her Papa asking Glorieta to take Angus with her. Usually they would drop Angus with their neighbour. But that day, the man who usually baby sitting Angus, could not help her. So, Glorieta take Angus with her to school. Even though her teacher would not accept it, however Angus stay in the class with her.

Lili, Angus's sister, won't help Glorieta baby sitting him. So, Glorieta being angry with her. And feeling so sad after her Mama died. She feels so lonely and seems no one cares about her. The only person who always take a good care with her is a boy next door who lived not far from her van. But, that's not the same situation anymore, because Glorieta needs someone to give her more attention. More times to spend and talk.

I received this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This ebook was perfect! I picked this up because its cover and feel amazed on how the author packed the story life of teenager who feels so lonely. And how they tried to solved the problem they had to faced. Like Glorieta, even though she never agreed her Papa married Alice, but she tried not to hate her.

Glorieta is a brave young girl who tried as well not to hate her step sister, Lily. Even though at school Lily always bullied her. But, Glorieta not accepted what that bulliers said to her, she tried to against them and struggle in every conditions.

I might be very poor young girl when I was a teen, because I thought I could not keep my feet still stand whenever I have to solved the problem and keep missing my Mom at the same time. I might be really a weak-girl.

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