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The Night Spinner (Dream Snatcher Trilogy #3)

If you love to read an adventure stories, like Bartimaeus Trilogy and Harry Potter, you might like the Trilogy of The Dream Snatcher as well. This is a story about gipsy people who still believe in Old Magic. And a girl, her name is Molly.

The great adventure has been written into these Trilogy of Dream Snatcher. For me, the writing style is good and there were numerous fast-moving scene that would make your heart jumping from one surprising event to another. Using third point of view that would make us like following the journey at the same time. Book Detail Title : The Night Spinner Author : Abi Elphinstone Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books (2017) Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1471146053 Read on : Scribd

After finding the second amulet, there were a lot of things happened that night. First, she finds the second amulet and release her mother’s soul. Second, she could defeat the two of shadowmask’s witch doctor and broke the Soul Splitter. And three, Alfie disappeared a…

Book Review : A Distance Between Us

Saya kembali lagi untuk mengulas novel karya Kasie West. Kali ini cukup berbeda karena ada jurang pemisah antara si kaya dan si biasa saja dalam cerita ini. Tapi, masih tetap sama, kok, genrenya Young Adult. Juga, sosok gadis yang gemar mengeluarkan sarkasme pun masih menjadi senjata pamungkas Kasie West. Sepertinya, Kasie memang gemar sarkasme sehingga mewakili dirinya sendiri pada tiap karakternya.

The Distance Between Us merupakan novel tentang dua insan yang sama-sama harus mengurus bisnis keluarga. Meskipun keinginan mereka sama sekali bukan pada bisnis tersebut. Tapi, demi membuat orangtua mereka merasa bahagia dan senang, pada akhirnya, keduanya menenggelamkan diri pada kehidupan yang bagi keduanya sangatlah membosankan.

Lucunya, cerita di sini membuat saya teringat dengan serial drama korea berjudul Secret Garden. Ketika seorang pengusaha yang menjalani bisnis keluarga, dimana dia harus menjalani pekerjaan yang bahkan tidak disukai olehnya. Tapi tetap dia lakukan karena dia m…

Book Review : White as Silence, Red as song

Bagaimana sebenarnya proses mencari jati diri yang sering dialami oleh remaja? Apakah ketika sudah dewasa nanti, banyak orang mengingat proses dan progres serta ingatan akan kegalauan-kegalauan yang kerap menghantui dalam setiap langkah?

Bagi yang belum terbiasa membaca Young Adult yang dikemas melalui pemikiran dan kehidupan tokoh utamanya. Perkembangannya dari waktu ke waktu. Mungkin, akan beranggapan novel White as Silence, Read as Song adalah novel paling membosankan. Karena alur ceritanya yang lambat, berisi pemikiran-pemikiran Leo, tokoh utama, yang kerap mempertanyakan banyak hal dalam hidupnya.

Kartu Tanda Buku

Judul : White as Silence, Red as Song
Penulis : Alessandro D’Avenia
Halaman : 272
Terbit : 4 September 2018
Format : Ebook Scribd
Bahasa : Inggris
Diterbitkan oleh Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9780785217077

White as Silence, Red as Song

Adalah Leo yang memercayai bahwa dia merupakan reinkarnasi dari seekor singa. Mungkin, kamu sudah bisa menebaknya karena dari nama Leo. Tapi, bu…

Book Review : Treasure (Seed Savers #1) by S. Smith

Book Review : Treasure (Seed Savers #1) Anak-Anak Penjaga Bibit Tumbuhan

I received this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. And the thought about the story is my honest opinion.
I don't know how to tell you about my taste. I love reading all children or middle grade books. So, that was the reason this book was choosen by me. Needless to think twice to choose this, becasue after reading the excerpt, I tought, it would be a good story about the future. Okay, first of all, I want you to know that, this book is good for children to help them understand about how important the seed and plants for ourlives. This book stimulate children to think, what if the world that we are living don't have any food such as vegetable, rice, fruits and any foods that we already know? What if this world only have one artificial food like medicine?
This is a story about the future.....


Two kids, two bikes, and an idea they can change their world.

It's 2077. There's no …

Book Review : Alex Approximately karya Jenn Bennet

Bailey Rydell dan Alex bertemu melalui forum khusus pencinta film di dunia maya. Keduanya cukup dekat dan sering menghabiskan waktu berdua, berbincang tentang banyak hal sampai menonton film tertentu bersama. Namun, kebersamaan mereka hanya sebatas bersama di dunia maya.

Pertemuan dua insan melalui dunia maya bukan lagi sesuatu yang aneh. Sejak kemunculan internet dan forum-forum online. Sudah banyak yang membuktikan bahwa internet pun bisa menjadi tali penyambung bagi dua insan yang terpisah jarak. Meski, tak perlu dibahas lagi seberapa banyak hal negatif yang juga ada di internet.

Kartu Tanda Buku

Judul : Alex Approximately || Penulis : Jenn Bennet || 360 halaman || Diterbitkan 6 April 2017 || Diterbitkan oleh Simon & Schuster UK || Format : Ebook || Bahasa : Inggris || Baca melalui Scribd

Di usianya yang masuk 17 tahun. Alex akhirnya harus menjalani kehidupan bersama sang Ayah di California. Ajaibnya, Alex pun tinggal di tempat yang sama dengan Ayahnya. Dan Alex sendiri suda…

Book Review : Love, Life and the List

Book Review : Love, Life and the Listby Kasie West
Sometimes, on the unconscious mind, love could grow without knowledge in our heart. Flourish and bloom, like a flower. However, something could avoid it to be ready to pick. Something that would let your heart experience the pain.
Book OverviewLove, Life and the List tell a story about a girl that have a dream to be a professional painter She started her dreams when she was younger. One day, she wants to enter art class during winter, it makes her think. Because, one of the rules said that before join the class, all members should have displayed their work on exhibition and would be great if someone would pay for it and love the portrait without any regret.
For that girl, the rule is complicated, therefore she needs to think harder to find a way out.  In order to get minimum requirement, she has to join in an exhibition and display her works, then if she’s lucky finding the right person to buy her paint. She needs to hurry before the re…

Book Review : The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

I don't know how it feels when you're going to Porm Night with your boyfriend but before both of you enter the building where the event is held, he ended your relatiohsip. Meanwhile, in that day you already promise to your best friends to introduce him in order to let them know that he is not a fictitious boyfriend like their thought before. Especially for Jules, one of her best friend who always think that her boyfriend are not real and she's created some bullshit story. When you were in that situation, you must have thinking harder than usually to find out the way out.

Book Identity

Title : The Fill-in Boyfriend || Author : Kasie West || Length : 352 pages || Format : Ebook Scribd || Language : English || Released : 5 May 2015 || Published by HarperTeen || ISBN : 9780062336385

A Popular Girl
Her name is Gia, I mean the lead character here, she is the President Council at her High School. She is very popular amongst other students, might be because she is so pretty, clever…

Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Book Review Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Love & Gelato has been translated into Indonesian and published by Penerbit Noura. However, what I read was the english version. After took more time to choose whether I want to read this book or hold it on until maybe next year. Then, I decided to read it.
First page seems running smoothly, I enjoyed while reading this. Maybe this is the feeling when you're fell in love at the first time. At first, when this book come up and hyped for not very so long but enough for me to be curious woman. I think that the title engaged me with strange way. What is the connection between Love and Gelato? Ah, I think it might filled with ordinary story that would bore me to hell. But, it surprised me. I liked Love and Gelato because of its simplicity and beauty also heartbreaking love story. This book is not only fill with such a teenage love story. But, looking for identity with a guidance from the mother's private journal. What is it ins…